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MapleStory M's popularity spreads farther and further
« il: 02 Marzo, 2019, 09:08:13 am »
Now, abilities aside, I believe that there is an even greater reason he does not get as much love from gamers: his command. Granted, he's 60% command from the very start, but that would be it. Other classes get 80% control, maintaining their damage relatively stable. Hayato? His harm jumps around as far as he or she does. Maple M Mesos's also the issue of his attack multiplier (which is very hard to adjust in a means that's balanced).

2h swords/axes/maces possess a general multiplier of 1.34, and spears/polearms have 1.49. With the aforementioned in mind, what, praytell, do you guys think would equilibrium Hayato out?I am completely lost. I have hit level , but things began going wrong almost instantly. So I've got a couple of concerns. I inadvertently put a point into STR, believing there was an"Apply Changes" Button and that I could pull it out.

The construct I'm after says that my STR and DEX should just be at 4 points. But even before I added the extra point, they were already at 5. I'm hoping I didn't mess that up too.

I apologize for not knowing anything, but I truly don't want to mess up my own first character. I am sort of panicking, if it was not clear.Once you put AP into a stat, you cannot get it back unless you've got an AP reset scroll however, you'll need to purchase it in the 10th Anniversary Coin Shop costing 160 coins. This late in the match, I wouldn't say impossible but it would be very hard.

(Because it seems you're new to the game, I'll explain the coins I'm speaking about aren't Maplestory2 Mesos in case you did not know. The Anniversary coins have been made through mostly events by leaves or now but leaves have stopped dropping from critters so the only way is to buy them and they cost approximately 15k or so per foliage and you want 100 of them for 1 coin, which is more than you could probably afford at the moment.)

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