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Neverwinter daily quests consist of completing PvP matches, skirmish games, players tasks (from Foundry) and dungeons, as a reward you receive a substantial amount of Rough Diamonds. Such tasks can be done only every 20 hours, depending on your level you will get to perform various tasks: for example being on level 34 you can accept the task to complete the Lair of the Mad Dragon dungeons, and after reaching level 35 there will be another quest that requires completing a more difficult dungeon: Throne of Idris.

However, Neverwinter allows you to accept many daily tasks from one category at a time, if you already have the task to finish some dungeon after reaching a higher level, you can accept quests to complete other dungeons. Of course, after reaching the maximum level, such diversity will end and you will receive every day one task from each type. Daily quests in the Neverwinter world give out NPC Rhex, it's in the Protector Enclave. The game allows you to take and assign these tasks at a distance, using Landing Page.

During the game you will encounter a round icon on the map marking an array of tasks from Foundry, so also marked is a local contact offering rumors from the area, ie tasks from the Foundry available on the current map. The Foundry is a tool for creating your own adventures. You have the opportunity to build your own tasks for other players. In cities, the Foundry icon will lead you to the so called Job Board, ie an array of tasks, interacting with it will open a task catalog panel from Foundry where you can choose quests to perform.

When browsing the foundry tasks, pay attention to the red and yellow asterisks. Both markers show the rating of the players of a given task, however, quests with a red classification are currently recommended. Completion of some quests includes a daily task to complete them, but not all tasks created by players are eligible for this.  After reaching level 60, exploring the dungeons and all possible nooks of the game, each MMO can get bored.  And store offers cheap Neverwinter Zen online for you! Perfect World gives you a goal in the game by adding new campaigns that end many days or weeks. Campaigns in Neverwinter are nothing but daily tasks, the prizes of which are items that allow you to unlock subsequent stages in the development tree. The default campaign progress window can be called in the game by pressing the flag icon in the top menu.