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The free betrayal expansion of PoE
« il: 29 Gennaio, 2020, 13:48:05 pm »
The free betrayal expansion of exile allows you to play the role of (some kind of) detective, which obviously resonates with players: shortly after its release yesterday, ARPG broke its concurrent player record, recording 117000 people on steam at the peak

According to the statistics of steam charts, this is the first time that the game has more than 100000 concurrent players on steam, more than twice the number of its highest players three months ago. Based on what Chris Wilson, the main developer, said earlier about the number of players obtained through the game independent client, the total number of players may be close to 200000 (thanks to reddit user vindexus).

Betrayal is a huge update that can turn old leagues into major games, add new masters, missions, maps and skills, and unify hiding places. When you face a group of immortal necromancers, detective work will come in. To stop them, you have to find members from four parts of the organization and interrogate them (or bargain with them) to understand their structure.

You can persuade them to betray their fellow criminals (hence the extension), and eventually you will plunder a safe house full of loot to take away senior members. In the end, you will face the planners behind the whole thing. As Steven points out, it is no different from the nemesis system of shadow of Mordor / war.

The Path of Exile is free to play on steam.

There are consistent approaches, such as a confusing recipe (which can be very boring). Also look at the value of other currencies (exchange rates, regrets, opportunities, alternative prices, etc.). If you make a transformation, it can be of great value.

This is my second time in the POE League. I find it's very profitable only to play higher level content. Some Sirius killed me, the Savior and some awakening gems. The affected noble spirit paid for my construction: (atziri's "thinking about pandemonius, etc.)

I haven't really flipped products, but I've practiced filtering trade sites to make cheap PoE currency cheaper than I thought.

Once the gem level reaches the highest level, once it is damaged, corruption may become a way to obtain passive currency.