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cheap WOW Classic Gold Year 2004. Possibly one of the most important years for video games. That year a legend was born: World of Warcraft. Its creators Blizzard decided to bet on a multiplayer title to continue the story of their successful Warcraft III and despite the fact that many players criticized the change of style and having to pay each month to enjoy the adventures of Thrall Jaina and company WOW quickly became a mass phenomenon.

A base game and seven expansions later World of Warcraft returns to its beginnings. The truth is that the game did not go through its best moments. Repetitive content massive abandonment of players and an increasingly decaffeinated difficulty have made Blizzard take drastic measures. What better way to regain old players than to give them the classic World of Warcraft experience?

Well we already have World of Warcraft Classic among us and how could it be otherwise buy World of Warcraft Classic Gold cheap the game has "hit" it in its first days of life to the point that the servers have not given up. So many people have entered at once to visit Azeroth again that the players have had to make "queues" for real to complete missions or kill enemies in concrete.

In this order of things if you are passionate about Warcraft a Reddit user has just shared 25 amazing wallpapers for smartphones. The illustrations taken from the book "Warcraft Chronicles" are beautiful and really look great on a smartphone screen. They are so beautiful that no matter if we are from the Horde or the Alliance we will want to use them all.

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